All About The Laser Hair Removal

laser hair removal

If you are tired of using all procedures for the hair removal, then we have a better alternative related to tweezing, waxing or shaving. The ever growing popular treatment in this regard is the Laser treatment.

Laser hair removal in pakenham is one of the most relied treatments to get rid of the unnecessary growth of hair. The process involves a highly concentrated light beam that is focused on the hair follicles. As the light beam falls on these follicles they absorb the light and this ultimately destroys the hair that is bothering you.

How can laser hair removal hair?

Once you find the signs of unwanted hair take appointment from the beauty clinic near you or the clinic with the best reviews. Seek their guidance and if they suggest go for the laser treatment.

The treatment can help you in following ways:

  1. Unlike many hair removal treatments that may impact upon a large areas laser treatment involves precision treatment. It would target the region that you want to treat. Removing hair from narrow spaces on the face like the upper lips is no more tedious. In just a few minutes it would simply remove the hair you don’t need.
  2. The laser treatment requires a few seconds for the treatment. It is not a time consuming process. In a second the treatment can handle a surface measuring a quarter in just few seconds.
  3. Depending on the individual conditions the results can be longer lasting as compared to the other treatments. Many satisfied clients are of the view that after three to seven sessions they can have permanent results.

Getting ready for the hair removal?

It is essential to remember that the process is not just meant for clearing the unwanted hair, it is a proper medical treatment handled by the professionals in the beauty clinic.  Just like any medical procedure it is very important to get ready prior to the procedure. Check the expertise of the beauty expert you are visiting. Make sure that is offering satisfactory services.

Stop doing the regular procedures like waxing, plucking and electrolysis at least six weeks before the laser treatment.  If you want to target all the hair then it is important to remember that it cannot happen as it would not target the temporarily removed roots.

Sun exposure is not good before and after the treatment. It reduces the effectiveness of the treatment and can even cause complications.

What happens in the laser hair removal?

The procedure of the laser hair removal starts with trimming of the hair up to few millimetres. The skin is numbed by applying a kind of aesthetic for 20 to 30 minutes. The laser pulses cause a kind of stinging feeling that is reduced after putting the skin under the impact of the medication.

The laser equipment varies according to the colour and thickness of the hair.

As the laser is directed towards the skin, then there are chances of impacting the eyes. Therefore you are asked to wear an eye protector.

A layer of cooling gel is applied on the skin to let the laser light penetrate properly.

The pulse of laser is then generated to clear the targeted area. While using the laser beam it is important to keep an eye on the target area to make sure that the desired results are achieved.

Get the inflammatory ointments, ice packs or other relaxants as per the instructions of the treatment performer. It is better to give a break of six weeks in between the two sessions of the treatment.

How long can it take to recover and the risks?

If you have experienced the sunburns in any time of your life, then the post treatment feeling is not something that would bother you. The best solution to these is the use of cool compresses and the moisturizers. If your doctor suggests then you can use the make up just on the next day of the treatment.

As the hair start shedding in the next month gets a sunscreen for your screen in this month. This would help in retaining the original colours of the skin.

If you have a sensitive skin there are chances that you may suffer from blisters, blemishes, unnecessary redness and even swelling. Some people may experience scarring and change of skin colour.

How much will the removal cost?

The cost of the removal varies. There are different factors that together determine the overall cost of the treatment. These factors include

  • Number of sessions
  • Size of the target area

The fee of the doctor