The Identity Of Being Inked

Despite being frowned upon by the conservative factions of society, there is a rich historical tradition to being inked. The Egyptians would draw a black line along their eye lids, elongating the shape of their eyes, while the South Pacific Sea islanders are still famous for their native designs. Today, there are various reasons why people go into a parlour and schedule an appointment, but most of it boils down to just one thing: it shows who they are.

Personal Story
One of the more common requests made to a tattooist Sydney is to ink a name or picture into someone’s arm or leg. Often, there’s a stylized date of a symbolic design involved. And there is usually a story involved too. Media moguls make lots of money by commissioning reality TV series about various shops that then feature clients who come in with personal stories about the loss of a loved one, a struggle against cancer or other deeply traumatic event, or a significant and uplifting event like marrying the love of their life. They immortalize their personal stories on their skin, effectively for all to see and it shows how proud they are of the pieces that make up their identity.

Rebel with a Cause

Symbols are a common motif in tattoos because one simple picture can represent an entire narrative an entire cause. This is what makes them so alluring to youth. Many people will get ink of their favourite band, their political party, their religious ideals or their activist leanings. You can identify a metal head from an animal rights activist. By wearing their passions on their sleeves – literally – these individuals shape their identities around the causes they support. Body ink is usually blatant and obvious and thus invites discussion, thus strengthening their identities further. Visit this link for more info on tattoos Marrickville.

Style on the Surface

Once body ink became popular in the 90’s, it soon became a fashion accessory as well, especially since so many popular cultural icons, especially celebrity singers and actors, started sporting some. For those looking for a permanent accessory on their bodies or a ‘safe’ way to be a rebel, then a butterfly inspired design is the most common way to go. Today, stylists and fashionistas draw inspiration from all over the world and gear up for all kinds of designs on their bodies, be they animals, geometric designs, patterns, figures, faces, scenarios or symbols.

Being inked is not just about being a rebel or adhering to tradition anymore. It can be a combination of both, and it can be something a lot more superficial too. The next time you feel like you want one, ask yourself which part of your personality you are trying to show off: is it the personal story, the rebel’s cause or the love for ornamentation?