How to Get Shiny Hair?

Our crowning glory is often not in such a glorious state. And most of the times we stare at the models in all the hair care ads flaunting shiny lustrous hair or our favourite on-screen beauties who have such silky mane. And we wonder what do they do to keep such beautiful hair?

Keep your hair shiny and healthy

It is not very difficult to get silky shiny hair if a few steps are followed regularly. They say shiny hair is a sign of healthy hair and apart from your mane looking good, shiny hair also radiates on the face illuminating the face and making it glow.

Factors to cause dull hair

The factors that usually lead to hair dullness are over exposure to the sun, nutritional deficiencies, not using a good conditioner and using harsh hair care products. You should buy discount hair products which are free of harsh chemicals and expose threat to your hairs Certain illnesses, excessive stress, age factor, frequent use of hair dyes and other similar agents as well as use of heating tools also cause damage to the hair.

Ways to keep your hair healthy and shiny

This does not mean that one should stay away from shampoos completely because contrary to popular myths frequent shampooing does not make the hair lose its natural nourishing oils. The only care that needs to be taken is to choose a shampoo as per your hair texture, whether fine, rough or medium, so that the hair is not look limp. Also look for shampoos that contain natural oils which can condition the hair without weighing it down. Also give a final rinse to the hair with gold water, even if it is for 5 seconds as hot water can make the hair uneven at the cuticles.

A weekly or monthly hair mask can also work wonders for the hair as it provides deep conditioning. One can choose from various hair treatments such as deep treatment with coconut oil, with aloe vera and honey. You can also try egg mask, deep treatment with yogurt, deep treatment with vinegar or apple cider, deep treatment with shea butter and oil, vegetable oil and conditioner treatment or deep treatment with hibiscus leaf extract. Whatever products you are using, ensure you jan marini stockists that are good for your skin abd keep healthy.

Another remedy for shiny tresses is to use shine serum that is specifically formulated to give your hair a shine and act like a topcoat layer for the hair protecting it from damage too. However make sure to use alcohol free serum and do not over do it as it could have an opposite effect from that expected.

Apart from these tips a nutritional diet rich in vegetables and fruits is a must for shiny tresses.