What You Need To Know About Hair Extensions

Changing the hairstyle is surely on definite way of attaining an image change. There are a number of ways that a person can attain various hair styles and designs. For instance a person who has short hair can quickly have long hair; a person might change the colour of their hair without using hair dyes or chemicals. Similarly a person that has a few hairs on their head can have plenty of hair on their heads over night. One sure way is by using hair extensions. For instance wearing permanent hair straightening extensions makes one look attractive and more confident.

Hair extensions are simply natural or synthetic hairs that are attached on the hair so as to make the hair longer, or many. They come in various shapes, colors and sizes. The extensions could be either 100% human hair extensions, synthetic hair extensions or a combination of both. The extensions are placed close to the scalp so as to make the hairstyling effective. The extensions can last for a few days or they can last for several weeks depending on the type of hairstyle, the extension style and the amount of hair care that a person takes. The extensions are often placed facing a similar direction as the natural hair so as to ensure that they match and blends with the natural hair when worn. The extensions can be found in a variety of hues ranging from light to dark colors.

In order to ensure that a person achieves an attractive look when wearing hair extension one should ensure that they put on an extension that complements their hair colour and skin tones. The type of extension would go a long way in determining the way the extension would be added one the hair. For instance the skin wefts hair extensions are attached close to the scalp using a thin adhesive. The Micro tip popularly between both men and women are ideal for people with receding hairlines or those that are balding. This involves small pieces of hair that are hooked onto the natural hair resulting in a head that is full of hair. Other types of extensions would involve bonding them with the natural hair with keratin, making the hair more durable and able to withstand hair treatments.

The type of hair extension also determines the type of hairstyle that one would attain, and the type of hair maintenance that the hair extension would require. Approaching a skilled hair stylist one would be able to get proper care for their hair extension. The hair stylist would also be in a position to advice their client’s on the type of hair extension that would be good for them. This includes suggesting the right type of hair that would match with their skin tones, and hair color. The caring for the extension hair is often less stressful than taking care of the natural hair. This ensures the extension lasts longer and attractive throughout the time that a person has the extension.